God is the Creator of everything. God loves each one of us and He wants a personal relationship with us. God is a God of reconciliation and he is in the process of restoring His Creation. He has invited Us to be a part of it.
Jesus is Gods Son and He lived a sinless life culminating in his death and resurrection. His sacrifice paid the price for our sin and opened the door for us to be children of God. The Holy Spirit lives in all believers teaching correcting enlightening and empowering us to live a God honoring life.  We believe that the Bible is Gods words to His people and it is the ultimate authority.  All people can have access to God through salvation.  All believers are called to be ministers.  The church is Gods chosen way to show the world what He is like.

We are part of a movement that began during the 1600’s in England that carries a very relevant message for today’s culture. The Friends Church has historically played a crucial role in social justice issues and has had a reputation for integrity, quality, and honor. These continue to be true today.
Miami Friends Church is part of a larger organization called Evangelical Friends Church of Mid-America

On a typical Sunday, you will find very contemporary music followed by a special part of our service called quiet time.  This is where everyone is invited to center down and listen for what the Holy Spirit might have to say to them.  We have a strong belief that all who have the in dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit have the ability and responsibility, to share with the rest of the body. If anyone feels led they stand and share. This often leads to times of prayer or
encouragement and many people testify to Gods work in their lives.  After this the pastor shares a message and

We would love to have you experience this with us!